We are excited and honored to welcome UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO to AXIS HATS. This unique, limited art collection by renowned photographer Cathrine White, is a brilliant gift for special occasions such as graduations, weddings, and birthdays. Investing in and gifting art not only brings aesthetic and emotional gratification, but also adds financial value and a long-lasting legacy. They come in five different sizes. Visit SHOP UCHICAGO

These art pieces are not just decorations but a symbol of love, history, inspiration, and a testament to the importance of culture and creativity. They will last a lifetime.

The University of Chicago is where the fearless pursuit of truth comes to live. The schools distinctive form and style of education and it's rigorous pursuit of knowledge have established them as one of the world’s most influential institutions of higher learning. Our diverse student community is bonded together by a shared love of learning.

Decade-after-decade, students of all backgrounds, geographic locations, and intellectual interests who choose UChicago remark similarly: “UChicago is the place where I feel at home at last, surrounded by people devoted to the life of the mind.”


“I wrote my first novel and my second novel in Chicago. It was the place where I became a writer. It’s my favorite city.” - John Green

Every artist dips her brush in her own soul

The Highest Human Act is To Inspire

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