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AXIS HATS NEW YORK is an exclusive and unique collection of fully licensed collegiate art pieces.

The School Collection is available in five different sizes. Each of our schools have their own page, where you will find beautiful visual content and links to visit the shops for options to purchase. We work and collaborate with the schools to offer a custom tailored approach that aligns with our shared vision. Our goal is to build strong and longstanding relationships with the schools. As a visual artist, Cathrine White’s work has always resonated on a very emotional level with her audience. This art series is an example of the connection that people make with her work. 

These collegiate art pieces tell a visual story of multi-generational history, tradition and is a reminder of what is at the core of the American college experience.

The Home Collection is a part of Cathrine's story and now yours. This collection is a reminder of the people and places that have influenced her life. The beauty of what living and taking in new places can be and feel like. Each of these pieces has a story in them.

The Custom Work Section is a celebration of the many requests that have come to Cathrine over the years. Custom Work art pieces are an opportunity to collaborate directly on a custom piece that is of sentimental value to you. To submit your request, use the form provided in the “Custom Work Page”. 



Set behind acrylic glass, additionally protected by a triple-layer aluminum backing plate for gallery-quality mounting. Each art piece is created with great detail of craftsmanship, ingenuity and consideration. They are a striking illustration of a perfect balance between old and new. They will enhance any space. Our pieces are durable and made to last a lifetime

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence." -Abigail Adams

The School Collection is available in five different sizes. To find out more please visit the school pages.

Investing in and gifting art not only brings aesthetic and emotional gratification, but also adds financial value and a long-lasting legacy. These art pieces are not just decorations but a symbol of love, history, inspiration, and a testament to the importance of culture and creativity. They will last a lifetime.

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